A map of the route I walked on my journey across Herefordshire is available from Mapometer.

Tuesday 16th June Kington to Kinnersley – 19 miles approx.
Wednesday 17th June Kinnersley to Madley – 13 miles approx.
Thursday 18th June Madley to Mordiford – 14 miles approx.
Friday 19th June Mordiford to Putley – 10 miles approx.
Saturday 20th June Putley to Colwall – 14 miles approx.

Total length of walk (including getting lost and double-backing when you discover the footpath doesn’t exist any more): 68.73 miles

During the live performance, people were encouraged to follow the progress of the walks on Twitter @hedgesprite #transmissionshfds #pylonwalkhfds. But in reality, the 3G mobile signal in much of west Herefordshire was non-existent…

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