Summer Solstice

The Trans-missions end-of-walk gathering at Dragon Orchard took place from 4pm until dusk on 21st June, the day after I finished the walk. The event was attended by 30 people, who, between them, returned 15 of the 50 distributed lightbulbs. The bulb-bearing attendees came from as far away as Newport, South Wales, Worcester, Bromyard, Evendine, Ledbury, Woolhope, Putley and the house next door.

Thank you to everyone who made the leap of faith into the unknown, accepting an invitation from a stranger (me) on a rural footpath to attend a curious event.

A big thank you to Megan and Simon Day for some of the event photographs below; to Alison Parfitt and Jane Lloyd Francis for hosting help and ferrying many pots of tea from the kitchen to the middle of the orchard; to Caroline and Ian Handley for the wonderful local organic food; and to Steve Waterfield and Norman and Annie Stanier of Dragon Orchard for giving their generous permission for me to host this event – and for putting up the marquee!

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