In all mammals, the organs of sense become also organs for the transmission of messages about relationship […] The problem of how to transmit our ecological reasoning to those whom we wish to influence in what seems to us to be an ecologically “good” direction is itself an ecological problem. We are not outside the ecology for which we plan—we are always and inevitably a part of it. Gregory Bateson

When I first discussed performing this piece for the Herefordshire Walking Festival, I didn’t anticipate I would be travelling back from aerial dancing in France to perform it.

So, today’s pre Trans-missions trans-mission was aross France and England, from St Brieuc to Ledbury, by train and foot…reinforcing the stereotype of English eccentricity by sewing bunting and taking pylon photos:

IMG_2001 IMG_2005 IMG_2006 IMG_2064 IMG_2094

One thought on “Transmission

  1. I love these “train-window” pictures and the way the reflections of the carriage interior themselves reflect our inescapable partnership with the landscape xx

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