Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice Sunset 2014

The shortest day and the start of a sixth month count-down to the performance gathering on the Summer Solstice, that will mark the end of the Trans-missions journey, and the Herefordshire Walking Festival of which it is a part.

This week I have met with the walking festival organiser, the local craft group and (next term) the local school to discuss how this performance event – and the walk itself – can grow co-creatively with/in this community. I’m already excited and energised by the conversations, insights and suggestions this has generated – the poetic and political responses I’ve already received, when I start talking to people about ‘power’.

Living off-grid, the short days are making it challenging to work: my small solar panel is struggling to charge my battery enough to power my laptop so that I can write and work. I find myself working more on paper, writing and drawing by candlelight, going to sleep early. It feels very appropriate to be planning a piece about power, being forced to address the intricacies of my own relationship with it in the process…

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